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Roger Sanders

Phone: (334) 692-5549

Fax: (334) 692-3184


About Mr. Sanders

Roger Sanders has been in education for twenty two years. He graduated from Wicksburg High School. After high school, Roger started at Wallace and then transferred to Troy Dothan. There, he pursued a Bachelors in Social Science- secondary education. He then pursued a Masters degree in Counseling and Psychology. He believes that administrators should help studens be the best they can be and to help them reach their goals.

Before his current job as High School Counselor at Wicksburg, Mr. Sanders worked at Sears in Dothan for nine years.

Mr. Sanders has been married to his wife, Gail, for twenty four years. He has two dogs named Molly and Toby. He loves that he has taught and is a counselor from the same school he graduated from.